Some Tornado Statistics:
* Nebraska averages almost 50 tornadoes a year 
   (see: Nebraska Tornado Data Table
* Nebraska's most number of tornadoes was 110 in 2004 
* Nebraska's peak month for tornadoes is June, May is 2nd.
* May and June account for 63% of all of our tornadoes.
* May, June and July account for 77% of all of our tornadoes.
* There have been 115 Nebraska tornado fatalities since 1916.
* Every decade in the 1900's had tornado fatalities, but not the 1990's!
* There were no tornado fatalities in Nebraska from 1987 until June 2003 when two occurred.
* ALL 93 Nebraska counties have been visited by tornadoes since 1950.
* Hall County's tornado density is 4 times greater than the state average and
    3 times greater than the average for the Omaha and Lincoln areas.
*  Most tornadoes from one storm, 7 in Grand Island, June 3, 1980.
*  Nebraska has had reported tornadoes in every month but February.
*  Omaha May May 5, 1975 and Grand Island June 3, 1980 are ranked 2nd & 
      9th in U.S. top 10 most costly tornadoes.
*  Over 50% of our tornadoes occur between 4 PM and 8 PM.
*  Nebraska had its first confirmed tornado between 8 AM and 9 AM in Nebraska in Year 2001.
*  Nebraska is ranked 5th in the U.S. for total number of tornadoes.
*  Nebraska is ranked 23rd for number of tornado fatalities and 24th for number of tornado injuries.
*  May 2006 was the first May since 1981 to NOT have any reported tornadoes.

*  A tornado can move in any direction, slow or fast and even remain stationary.
*  Tornadoes have occurred in all 50 states (including Alaska!).
*  The U.S. has a higher tornado density than any where else in the world.
*  The Great Plains leads the U.S. in number of tornadoes.
*  There are TWO major tornado alleys in the U.S. (Northeast Texas,
       Oklahoma, Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois and Northeast Texas,
       Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, Florida).
*  Tornadoes have occurred on all continents except Antarctica.
*  Tornadoes have occurred on everyday of the year in the U.S. except on January 16.
*  The U.S. peak in tornadoes occurs in May
*  Peak months for tornadoes:  TX (April-May), KS (May), ND (July-Aug.). 
*  The tornado season peaks in Winter in Southern California.
*  The most violent tornadoes in the U.S. occur in Spring (especially April).
*  The month with the least number of tornado deaths is July.
*   38% of tornado fatalities occur in mobile homes.
*  Mobile homes do not attract tornadoes, they are just extremely vulnerable
     to high winds.
*  27% of tornado fatalities occur in permanent homes and 11% in vehicles.
*  The deadliest U.S. tornado year since 1950 was in 1953 with 519 deaths.
*  There were only 130 U.S. tornado deaths in 1998 and 95 U.S. tornado deaths in 1999
       showing the value of the current warning system.
*  The safest location in a tornado occurrence is inside, lowest possible level, center of
*  Opening windows where you live if a tornado is approaching will NOT reduce damage.
*  Do not seek shelter under highway overpasses, risk of injury and death is increased
    there. If daytime, and if possible, drive away from the tornado producing thunderstorm


Applied Climate Sciences,
School of Natural Resources