Nebraska Tornado Density

Both Maps © K. Dewey, Applied Climate Science, School of Natural Resources, UNL.

The above map shows the density of tornadoes for each county in Nebraska.  It is NOT the total number of tornadoes
but is instead the number of tornadoes per 1000 square miles.  The height of each county on the map represents
the magnitude of this density.  Note the peak in Hall County.

LINK to Nebraska Tornado Numbers by County


Tornadoes per 1000 square miles
Hall County = 121tornadoes/sq. mile
Douglas County = 39 tornadoes/sq. mile
Lancaster County = 36 tornadoes/sq. mile
Nebraska Stae Average = 32 tornadoes/sq. mile

It is 330% more likely to have a tornado near Grand Island than in Lincoln or Omaha.



The following map smoothed out the county borders to eliminate the abrupt changes going from
one county to the next.  It is similar to an elevation map and shows the peaks and valleys
of tornado density across the state.


Applied Climate Science
School of Natural Resources